Walk With An Athenian

  • by XpatAthens
  • Tuesday, 29 September 2020
Walk With An Athenian
Want to experience Athens like a local – with a local? “This is Athens with a Local” lets you get under the skin of Athens and discover all the city has to offer on a free themed walk. Choose from a diverse community of volunteer storytellers: all happy to spill their insider secrets and favourite urban hangouts.

Thousands visit Athens every day, but few get the chance to experience Athens like a local. Meet our community of locals and follow in their footsteps, discovering hidden treasures and places of interest. What do Athenians do in their spare time, and how do they balance their careers and personal lives? When and where do they go out? A community of savvy Athenians will answer all your questions and help you navigate the city. People of diverse backgrounds offer their perspective on what makes Athens so irresistible and unique.

Choose a themed walk with a local and get to know Athens as an insider. Experience the real Athenian lifestyle and explore the places you won't find in any tourist guides.

Here are some of our favourite "This is Athens with a Local" walks:

Surf Athens With A Local

Athens is a city of contradictions, where the past meets the present in imperfect harmony. Beyond the famous ancient monuments, there is a modern metropolis that's easy to discover on foot. A local will show you how it really feels to live in Athens, by exploring their favourite haunts and unravelling the hidden secrets of this ever-changing city.

Explore Athens Architecture With A Local

Understand the evolution of Athens through its architecture, with the help of a local insider. Scattered all over the Greek capital are ruins, monuments and landmarks that reveal many layers of history. From elaborate government buildings to Byzantine churches, Bauhaus apartments and contemporary landmarks, the architecture of Athens reveals fascinating stories of migration and gentrification.

Check Out LGBT+ Athens With A Local

Athens is often hailed as the birthplace of democracy, but it was also the birthplace of gay culture. Openly practiced and celebrated, homosexuality was part of the social fabric of ancient Athens. Today, the Greek capital remains a very gay-friendly city, with countless gay and lesbian bars, many openly gay celebrities, and a vibrant LGBT+ community. Your local will introduce you to the LGBT+ scene, including cafes, bars, and beaches, as well as suggestions for drag shows and nightlife.

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Whether you've just arrived in town – or have been here for years – Athens always has new secrets to share! This is Athens is the official guide to this captivating city of ancient energies and booming urban culture. Compiled by a team of specialist local writers, This is Athens brings you an authentic and intimate portrait of a living Athens beyond the guidebooks – along with daily curated listings of all the best events and great weekend inspiration all-year round. From must-know neighbourhoods and emerging art hubs, to gourmet hotspots, cool shopping and the buzziest bars, This is Athens will help you to get the most out of living in Athens!

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