• by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 09 June 2016
Biking In Athens

The capital of Greece, with the joys of the mountain and the pleasures of the sea equally available, can really thrill the bikers. Mount the bicycle of your imagination and follow us on an enchanting trip around the beauties of Athens. Kids of all ages, set the wheels in motion… Take your family along and follow safe ways through parks and cycle lanes. Treat your spare time of nonchalance with fitness in the following suggested places...

- Park of Environmental Information and Sensitisation “Antonis Tritsis”.

- “Syggrou” grove in Kifissia

- The ex royal estate in Tatoi

- The Technical University’s park in Zografou

- Intermunicipal cycle track of the northern suburbs

Let history be your guide…

The longest pedestrian walkway is Dionysiou Areopagitou str. It starts at the Hadrian’s Arch; it goes past the Acropolis Museum and keeps on through Apostolou Pavlou str. to Thissio and Monastiraki and, at Assomaton square, it meets Ermou str. Take the latter and go as far as Gazi or Plaka.

Feel the energy of the surroundings: incomparable monuments of the Greek cultural heritage will set the backdrop for an unforgettable ride pas the Ancient Agora, the Ancient Dionysus Theatre, the Roman Agora. For a time journey back to the ages of the old times of Athens as capital of the Hellenic Republic, Plaka is the best choice.

Caressed by the sea breeze…

When you have cycled around the city centre but you are eager for more, go to the Athens Riviera and enjoy some ouzo after your ride. Our suggestions:

-From “Floisvos” marina to Eden beach

-From Fáliro to Glyfáda

-From the marina in Glyfáda to Kavouri

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