Walking And Running Routes Along The Athens Coast

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  • Monday, 09 November 2020
Walking And Running Routes Along The Athens Coast
Known for its pleasant weather, Athens is a great city to go outside for a walk or run. Discover some of our favorite coastal routes to explore stunning waterfront locations by foot!

Faliro To Voula

The Flisvos Marina is located 8 km south of Athens, offers a beautiful seaside path. Head north to the Peace and Friendship Stadium, about 5 km, where you will find shops, cafes, restaurants, and an open-air cinema. If you head south, you will reach Glyfada and Voula. There is a path along the road for part of the route, and an off-road path in sections. The distance from Flisvos Marina to Glyfada and Voula is 9 km and 11.7 km, respectively. Along the way, you will pass by numerous beaches and beach clubs, while if you get off the path, you will be able to explore the local marinas and piers.

This route is one of the most pleasant on the coast of Athens; however, you will need to be cautious of the traffic and tram lines in a couple of sections. An added bonus is that you an run one way and take the tram back to Flisvos.

Terrain: Flat
Maps: Flisvos Marina to Peace & Friendship Stadium Route & Flisvos Marina to Voula Route

Piraeus, Zea Marina and Kastella

Located just 8km southwest of Athens, Piraeus is a popular day-trip destination and one of the world's largest passenger ports. There are a handful of excellent running routes in Piraeus, primarily located along the Saronic Gulf coast.

1.Piraeus Port

Take in the bustling energy of Europe's largest passenger port with this route around Piraeus's docks and ships; there are red painted pedestrian lanes along the whole port. A popular starting point is the port's western peninsula, near the "Hellas Liberty" Floating Museum.

If you head north along the water, you'll catch glimpses of the Eetionian Gate of the Piraeus Ancient Walls on your left. As you continue right and bend around the port; between Port Gates E8 and E9, you'll see Themistokleous Square and the Church of Saint Spyridon across the street. The path continues southwest to the Church of Saint Nicholas. Here, runners can turn around for another 7.5 km run back.

Terrain: Hilly
Map: Piraeus Port Route

2. Akti Themistokleous to Zea Marina

This scenic route follows a lamplit promenade along a stretch of rocky coastline. Near the Hellenic Maritime Museum, the path briefly bends inland, then follows along the waterfront of the Zea Marina. Pick up the waterfront trail at the corner of Akti Themistokleous and Alexandrou Zaimi street, and turn around at the Monument to the Pontic Greek Genocide for a 9 km out and back run.

Terrain: Hilly
Map: Akti Themistokleous to Zea Marina Route

3. Kastella

The neighborhood Kastella is perched high above the Athens basin and offers stunning views of the coast below and the Athens Acropolis above. This affluent part of Piraeus is famous for its neoclassical buildings and landmarks and the Church of Profitis Ilias. Runners will find this is a great area to see the sights and a killer hill workout. This route is a quick, hilly 2.5 km loop, starting near the Faros Marina.

Terrain: Very Hilly
Map: Kastella Route

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