12 Things To Do In Athens Over Christmas

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 27 November 2017
12 Things To Do In Athens Over Christmas
Writer and blogger Marissa Tejada from Travel Greece Travel Europe discusses the perks of being in Athens for Christmas! In recent years, Athens has been coined as an emerging European city break destination. That holds true for the curious Christmas traveler. Traveling during the winter season here is great. Why? Less crowds, for one. You’ll experience Greece outside of its summer skin and see the way Greeks celebrate one of their favorite holidays.

Feel the Holiday Vibe in Syntagma Square

The heart of the city is Syntagma Square and it’s where the city’s Christmas tree is lit. The square’s trees are strung with blue and white lights (the holiday colors of Greece) or with decorations such as karavakia (small Christmas ships). The municipality also schedules a series of free concerts during the month of December.

Walk to the Scenic Spots of Athens

With a mild Mediterranean winter you can enjoy a scenic and sunny walk to some of the best panoramic spots of the city. Here are some photos from last winter when I took a Christmas day walk around Lycabettus Hill in Kolonaki.

While not as fancy or glamorous as other European Christmas markets, Athens has a few markets known as bazaars. Local artisans sell everything from handmade soaps, traditional Greek products to jewelry. Some bazaars are located in the metro stations (including Syntagma).

Explore Ancient Greece

Without any crowds to push through or lines to wait on, Christmas holidays in Athens are a great time to explore. Visit the best museums in Greece including the National Archaeological Museum of Athens or the Acropolis Museum.

Indulge in Greek Holiday Desserts

During Christmas holidays in Athens, head into any bakery and be tempted by traditional treats like kourabiedes (sugar cookies) and melomakarona (honey cookies). You’ll find both types of cookies displayed side by side.

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