17 Awesome Greek Food Experiences In Athens

  • by XpatAthens
  • Tuesday, 16 August 2016
17 Awesome Greek Food Experiences In Athens
Author and blogger, Marissa Tejada, from My Greece My Travels dishes on some of the best food experiences in Athens!

One of the advantages to expat living in Greece is appreciating its beautiful food culture where people value authentic recipes and simple, fresh, and natural ingredients. I think this is why Greek food, and Mediterranean food, is so popular. Not only is it healthy – it’s delightfully delicious.

If you love Greek food or you are willing to try more than just the Greek gyro, I have compiled this list of awesome Greek food experiences you can have here when you visit Greece. I also suggest eateries in the city I know best, where I live, Athens.

Magirefta - Greek Home Cooking

Magirefta is slow-cooked food just the way a Greek mom would cook it!

Where to Find Magirefta

One of the top Greek restaurants in Athens is Mana’s Kouzina-Kouzina, known for the quality of the food and the value for money. The daytime menu specializes in these slow-cooked dishes, served cafeteria style. The variety of plates change seasonally and hail from all over Greece so you get a bit of a food tour of the country. More than moussaka – but that is always available — and it is the best I have had!

Greek Meze

Mezedes are a selection of hot and cold dishes, similar to appetizers or the famous Spanish tapas. Traditionally, you’d order a few of these small plates and share them with your group of friends with some ouzo or traditional Greek spirit.

Where to Find Mezedes

Kapetan Mixalis (Fidiou 6) in the center of Athens is a favorite for locals. In the suburbs, off-the-beaten-track Byraki Mezedopoleio (Nea Tripia 39-41) in Nea Filadelfia is a great destination for Cretan raki and wine, as well as delicious mezedes.

Greek Spirits

Awesome Greek food experiences must revolve around traditional drinks. Wine is one and Greek spirits are another. In Greece, Greek spirits are strong, tasteful and are meant to be sipped slowly as you enjoy some tasty meze (brings out the flavor of the food) and chat among friends.

You may have heard of ouzo or raki. These anise flavored liquors are served in small glass bottles and poured into oversized shot glasses. Other popular ones to try are rakomelo (honey infused raki), masticha (mastic flavored liquor) and citron (citrus infused liquor).

Where To Find Greek Spirits

A nice and atmospheric bar-type place to sample Greek spirits is Bretto’s in Plaka, famous for their selection of spirits. It is the oldest distillery in the city.

Greek Dessert

If you have a sweet tooth, Greek desserts will be one of those awesome Greek food experiences you’ll have in Greece. The zaharoplasteio is a part of Greek life! It is a Greek dessert and sweet shop, and the word literally translates to sugar workshop.

Where to Find Greek Desserts

Definitely go to Nancy’s Sweet Home in Psirri. This is the most famous dessert café in the heart of Athens, and rightfully so.

Another good option is Lukumades in St. Irene Square/Plateia Agia Irini in Monastiraki. They serve loukoumades, the traditional Greek fried doughnut balls topped with cinnamon and honey but you can also order them with all types of modern twists – stuffed with chocolate, with a scoop of rich ice cream or drizzled with delicious hazelnut syrup.

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