Syntagma Metro Archeological Collection

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 24 September 2015
Syntagma Metro Archeological Collection
It has often been said, that you can’t dig a hole in Athens without finding something of archaeological value. This was certainly the case when they created the underground Metro system. Thousands of artefacts dating back millennia were uncovered, all adding to the overall knowledge of Athens in the past. Some of these finds were transferred to already existing museums. At Syntagma Station though, they went one step further. 

Syntagma Metro Station is the central station where all lines connect.   The Syntagma Metro Station Archaeological Collection can be found at the top floor of the station complex.

There are cases exhibiting artefacts such as weaving loomes and clay amphorae from all the periods of settlement in Athens.  You can find neolithic, classical Greek, Roman and Byzantine exhibits all within one metro station.

The Archeological Collection is free to look around.  Theoretically, if you  have passed the barriers for access to the metro, you should have a validated metro ticket (tickets cost €1.20).

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