Discover Metz - An 'Island' Among Athens' Hustle And Bustle

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 30 March 2015
Discover Metz - An 'Island' Among Athens' Hustle And Bustle
As an island in Athens and so close to the city's hustle, this quiet neighborhood is probably food for thought about how better our lives would be if we had a little more green, a little more privacy, a little more taste. Get your book at hand, a map and a bottle of water and start walking round Malamou and Longinus streets junction, pretty close to Athens first or main cemetery. Climb Longinus str., a beautiful promenade bordered on one side by a charming park with benches, basketball courts and a playground (a great spot for a bookworm!). At the end of Longinus str., find the Balanou str. crossing, which will take you to Markou Mousourou str., one of the most central streets of Metz, full of antiquated or renovated neoclassical dwellings and edifices.

Proceed up the Ardittou hill via Archimedes str, which is upright to Markou Mousourou str. Turn immediately left into Dompoli str. On your right, a stylish neoclassical building lies "hidden", with a quiet courtyard, where Greek language lessons are offered to foreigners. Green balconies and courtyards, colorful doors and windows and tall vines climb up the terraces!

Turn back to Markou Mousourou str, head left to Voulgareos str. and then right onto Sorvolou str. Our destination is the site of Artemis Agrotera Temple, the ancient goddess of hunting, the presence of which though is concealed due to lack of a relevant sign. The church was built of Pentelic marble and enjoyed great fame in the classical era, being the sanctuary of commissions to the so-called “small” Eleusinian Mysteries, held every year at the beginning of spring...

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