How To Have A Relaxing Day At The Beach With Kids

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 28 June 2021
How To Have A Relaxing Day At The Beach With Kids
I am definitely not the only parent who wants to have a little peace when going to the beach. I want to enjoy the water and relax on a sunbed afterwards, read my book, maybe even take an occasional nap. What do you think mums and dads? Would you say it is too much to ask? I would argue it is not but I would also add that your child’s age plays a key role. If your child is young they might want you to play with them, to build castles, to hug. When they get older they become more independent and you have more time to yourself.

But regardless of the age of the child, I would encourage them to speak calmly and not shout. I would lovingly help them to learn to respect themselves and those around them. “How do I do this?” you may ask. Well, by being the example; the positive example. If you sit on your sunbed and shout “George,” “Maria,” “Bill, get out of the water now! Do you hear me? Don’t make me come over there!” just think if this is the example you want to give to your child. If you shout at them from afar, whether to come eat their fruit or toast or to get out of the water and under the shade, your child will not pay attention to you as they know you will keep on shouting. And only when you do get up from your chair will they begin to understand that maybe you meant what you were saying.

One might point out that long beaches are too crowded and so they are noisy anyway. I agree but I don’t see the reason to add to the noise pollution. We can respect the people around us and still have a good time. Let each and every one of us set the example for our children and let’s remember that education starts at home!

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