Show Love To Your Children This Christmas And Every Day

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 21 December 2020
Show Love To Your Children This Christmas And Every Day
Our kids are tired and bored with online schooling. So are we, of course, as our daily life has become more intense and irritating.

They need a break. So do we. Fortunately, Christmas is approaching. But what does Christmas mean? Love, is everyone's response, regardless of religion, financial status and educational level. If you ask a parent they will tell you that of course they love their child. They may sometimes hit them or give them the evil eye but they do love them. They only reason they may do it is for the child’s benefit, so they learn how to behave better. After all, their parents did the same and nothing happened. But when we spank our children even it’s just a bit or when we shout at them do we really love them at that moment? Do we respect them? Are we treating fairly? Do we get in their shoes?

In her eye-opening book "The Truth Will Set You Free," Alice Miller confirms once again that any form of violence is devoid of love. And since we are talking about Christmas and its message, let us see how Jesus Christ was raised by his parents. They loved him, respected him and protected him. It did not cross their minds to bring him to reason all the time, only to support him. They did not demand submission. As Miller writes "did he become selfish, arrogant, greedy, authoritarian or vain? Quite the opposite. He became a strong, conscious, compassionate and wise man…"

Perhaps now, especially under the special conditions of the COVID-19 quarantine, it’s a good opportunity to rethink how we raise our children. Let's not forget that we have "taken away " their social life. With online schooling they cannot have daily contact with their friends. They cannot play in the playgrounds. They cannot hug their grandparents. They do not enjoy their childhood. How about being more flexible and a little more patient? A little friendlier? And with Christmas just around the corner how about rethinking what love really means?


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