Things To Consider Before Sending Your Children Back To School

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 08 June 2020
Things To Consider Before Sending Your Children Back To School
The measures for COVID-19 continue to ease. Following high schools, kindergartens and primary schools have also opened. There goes another fortress. I know parents who breathed a sigh of relief when they heard the news. "At last young children will get back into their daily routine and we will be able to get to our jobs and have some time for ourselves. " I also know others who were questioning whether to send their children to school for what will actually be two weeks of classes. In all honesty, it’s not about children learning new things it’s about taking away from them the pressure that this whole situation with COVID-19 has created.

And then there are families with members in the high risk group of people. What should they do? Should they risk it? The children will of course be happy to see their classmates and their teachers again. They will be happy to hug each other. Oops, here it is again. Hugs. This is forbidden though. We have all discussed this with our children. Yes, but how do you keep children away from each other, especially young ones? Hugs and kisses are their world. Lots of dilemmas. Many questions. We are called to decide upon very important issues every day. It's not easy. We need to weigh the pros and cons, but again, it's not easy. The measures may be more relaxed but the pressure is camouflaged and continues in a different form.

As most of us are slowly coming out of the quarantine, we are a bit numb. After all, what is the right thing to do? What is the safe thing to do? We know there is not 100% safety or protection guarantee. They simply don’t exist. And that's what worries many of us. We each face different challenges. Your priorities are different from mine. That’s exactly what we need to take into consideration and base our forward moving on.


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