Why It's Important To Plan A Day Just For You During The Holiday Season

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 02 January 2023
Why It's Important To Plan A Day Just For You During The Holiday Season
Christmas and New Year’s Holidays are officially over and I am wondering, did we actually manage to take a break? 

It always amazes me how busy we get just before the festive season. Instead of slowing down and starting to enjoy the spirit we rush to get things, all things, done. Whether it’s for ourselves, our children, our partner, or someone else.

Of course we want to get our homes ready, buy gifts, plan our special evenings, cook, perhaps finish some unfinished business or whatever else it may be for each one of us. And then the Holidays are over and we need extra time to slow down and relax because we’re so exhausted.

I know I’ve had my share but I’ve also learned my lesson. So when planning for the Holidays I make sure I “plan” a day just for me. This is my “I do nothing” day. Yes, I have a family, yes, I have a daughter and yes, I have friends and relatives so I do have lots to do. But this one day I make myself a priority.

This one day I listen to my body, I choose to rest and to look after myself. Maybe I sleep in and enjoy breakfast in bed while listening to my favorite music. Maybe I get cozy on the couch and read my book or watch a movie. Maybe I write in my journal and explore my emotions or how I feel about something.

Think about it. The Holiday Season is not officially over until January 7th. Give yourself the permission to focus on you and your needs while you still have time. You do so many things for everyone else, this one day do something just for you!

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