Destress In Seconds! 3 Simple NLP & Hypnotherapy Techniques

  • by XpatAthens
  • Tuesday, 18 October 2022
Destress In Seconds! 3 Simple NLP & Hypnotherapy Techniques
What should I do when I’m stressed? Some stress/anxiety is sometimes useful and productive. But sometimes it paralyzes us and we cannot perform as we would like.

Use these 3 simple techniques to overcome stress/anxiety in seconds! You can use them as often as you want for any kind of stress.

Peripheral Vision

Look at one point in front of you steadily and concentrate. You will soon notice that without looking away, you can see other things around the point and around your head. This is called peripheral vision and when you look that way, you can’t feel ANY negative emotions. You can also apply Peripheral Vision when learning something (e.g. in a lecture) to remember it better!

Box Breathing

Take a deep breath for 6 counts. Hold your breath for 6 counts. Exhale for 6 counts. Hold your breath for 6 counts. Repeat this cycle 10 times and you will calm down immediately. This type of breathing calms the vagus nerve and can calm you down in mere seconds.

Direct Suggestions

When you get stressed give yourself the following direct suggestions that you would like to hear at that moment: “I will calm down”, “I will remember everything”, “I will get over it”, “You have strength”, “I have confidence” etc. Direct Suggestions bypass your conscious brain that at that moment is blocked by anxiety/stress and they directly go to your subconscious brain which implements them.

These techniques are from the fields of Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming and you can use them immediately and wherever you need them.

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