Established in 2018, by writer-editor-proofreader, Eleni Maria Georgiou, Lenacke Press [pronounced le-NAK-ee] is a Greece-based, online publishing company that primarily publishes, distributes, sells, and promotes original non-fiction bilingual books, bilingual word puzzle books, beautiful Sudoku books, and language books.

Lenacke Press promotes bilingualism, literacy, and learning using fun methods to get people excited about learning a second or third language. We want to make a difference to the bilingual community in Athens as well as to all the Greek communities living in Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia by offering them high quality bilingual books and fun word puzzle books that will enhance their vocabulary and understanding one vocabulary word at a time as well as improve the way they learn languages.

In addition, we offer our books for sale as Corporate Gifts, and in hotel gift shops as Puzzle Book Souvenirs. In short, Lenacke Press strives to increase the selection and quality of bilingual books and change how the world reads books.

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