They say love creates beautiful things and they definitely confirm this! 

A city girl with no exposure to nature or olive oil and an agriculture-oriented IT engineer? Oh yes!

George and Marianna met and fell in love, bringing two families and two different worlds together when Marianna was re-introduced to real, quality extra virgin olive oil through George. It was love at first sniff and OLEOSOPHIA was born to share that revelation and aha! moment!

They are brothers, sisters, husbands and wives with the mission to spread the love for high-quality EVOO of our local Manaki variety and the vision to cultivate Olive Oil Friends and Oleosophers around the world!

OLEOSOPHIA represents the wisdom of olive oil and the unification of two families, of the old and the new. Their family is happy to share this love for extra virgin olive oil with you, exchange ideas and form solid partnerships around the world!

Welcome to their family table and join them in our adventurous journey with OLEOSOPHIA!