Elena Makri Mykonos


  • Title: Elena Makri Mykonos
  • Designer or Shop Name: Eleni Makri Mykonos
  • Email: Eleni Makri Mykonos
  • Website or eshop Link: elenamakri.com/


Founded by former Vogue Hellas Editor-in-Chief Elena Makri, Elena Makri Mykonos is dedicated to a luxurious resort living lifestyle uniquely inspired by the islands of Mykonos and Delos, a modern interpretation of the timeless Greek qualities of simplicity, harmony, and high quality, reflected in the designs and the jewelry that adorns them.

Elena Makri has been designing clothes ever since she was a teenager. She studied fashion design in Athens and worked in the fashion industry and magazines, becoming the editor in chief of “Vogue Hellas’’, and the publisher of Life&Style”, the Greek Edition of “Hello!” and “Hello! Fashion”.

She is also the writer of two books, ”Every Month, Same Day” and “One Life, Many Times Over”. The launching of Elena Makri Mykonos, a collection of clothes and accessories inspired by the timeless aura of Delos, is the realization of a lifelong dream.

The Philosophy behind the creation of the brand is based on an equation of Greek simplicity and high quality. A series of creations both comfortable and ethereal ideal for a resort look, that at the same time adheres to the classical aesthetics of Grecian style and its organic connection to the craftsmanship tradition of the country. Blended with the brand’s trademark cobalt blue hue, every item is handcrafted in Greece using organic materials of the highest quality.

Our garments are seamlessly woven in the tradition of the seamstress of Ancient Greece, using our trademark organic all silk tulle, light as a billowing feather, yet strong and durable, that clings to, and accentuates the silhouette in the same way as it worked for the iconic Greek goddesses depicted in statues and black figure vessels.