• When: 09 Sep 2024 - 13 Sep 2024
  • Price: €450
  • Title: Discover The Divine 2024
  • Contact Number: 6945949892
Discover The Divine 2024
Dream Bigger

One day when meditating on the 2024 Discover the Divine conference I got a vision. I saw women anxiously looking into a crystal ball searching for their future. I approached the crystal ball, gazed inside and what I saw was a breath-taking sunrise sitting on a horizon. At that moment the Great Divine said:

“The sun represents the energy of every woman as her “Aspired Self”: That upgraded Self, waiting on the horizon for permission to rise. She needs to look no further than to her dreams and she will have all the vision she needs to see her destiny and her future!

At Discover the Divine 2024 we will: 

• Awaken the "Divine Aspired Self" — the future you who dreams bigger and holds the keys to your victories, aspirations, purpose and passions.
• Answer the question ““Who am I and what is my purpose?. ”
• Break down the hidden barriers that keep us small.
• Release the chains of self bondage through self forgiveness and
• Open the path to our birthright of visibility granting ourself permission to Dream Bigger.

At this event through exciting workshops, guided meditations, reflective exercises, and meaningful discussions, we will unpack the formulas to Joy that will release your Aspired Self.

The cost of the Conference is €450.

What Is Included

Opening Night
Cocktail reception
Breakfast (if at hotel)
Belly Dancing on the Beach
Goddess Yoga on the Beach B
elly Dancing wrap
Divine Daily Workshops
Divine Conference Material
Daily Sweets
Daily Coffee
Daily Divine Gifts
Daily Lunch *(Tiara & Crown package)
Divine Photoshoot
Rose at Sunset
Networking meetings
A Divine Crown
Feminine Boss
Fashion Show And more!

For more information please contact with Loukas Gkoritsas project manager of the Event +30 6945949892 to share with you more details about the event and what it includes!