Webinar: Front Runners In Sports Management

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Webinar: Front Runners In Sports Management
Major speakers of the sports industry “meet” on January 21st & 23rd

The dawn of 2021, after a particularly challenging 2020, finds the world of sports hit hard by the pandemic and all the implications covid-19 brought in the industry of sports. The beginning of a new year, filled with hope and promise, is the ideal time for the organization of a unique Sports Industry Conference, the first of its kind in Greece, featuring some of the most prominent industry professionals from around the globe, which aims to educate and address significant topics of sports.

“Front Runners in Sports Management 3.0”, the online sports conference organized by the award-winning Active Media Group along with the Sports Management Society of Deree – The American College of Greece, on Thursday, January 21 and Saturday, January 23, 2021, comes to shed light on the uncertain future of sports management in Greece. Sports continue to have a growing impact on the global economy through investments, public infrastructure, resource mobilization and creation of new professions and job positions, despite the devastating implications Covid-19 brought to world economies.

Throughout both days of the conference, participants will have the opportunity to follow the speeches of remarkable representatives of sports and develop their professional network in the field of sports management.

Among the keynote speakers are representatives from the NBA, the top basketball league in the world. Specifically, Nic Barlage, President of Business Operations of the Cleveland Cavaliers the youngest team president in the NBA and a representative from the Milwaukee Bucks’ marketing department. Additionally, “Front Runners in Sports Management 3.0” will feature the following keynote speakers: Bobby Goldwater, one of the most respected and innovative executives in the sports, entertainment and venue management industry from Georgetown University, Zack Klima Founder & CEO of Wait Time, an innovative technology company having Jeffrey Jordan, the son of Michael Jordan as a co-founder, Nigel Geach, Senior Vice President of Global Motorsport of Nielsen Sports, having worked in sports sponsorships for more than three decades, mainly with clients in the motorsport behemoth Formula 1, the Greek CEO of the Basketball Champions League, Patrick Comninos who managed to develop Basketball Champions League into one of the fastest growing sport properties in Europe and Rick Pitino, Basketball Hall of Fame as coach & basketball coach of the Greek National Team.

The “Front Runners in Sports Management 3.0” webinar will attract the interest of the following sectors: AI, Education, Events, Basketball, Football, Motorsports, Social Media, Sport for Development, Sports Tourism, Sports Marketing & Management. More information on the schedule and the webinar’s speakers will be announced in the upcoming weeks. The conference is produced by the experienced team of Active Media Group, the best Sports Marketing company in Greece within the last years and the leading private educational institution in the country, Deree – The American College of Greece.


  • When: 21 Jan 2021 - 23 Jan 2021
  • Where: Online
  • Title: Webinar: Front Runners In Sports Management
  • Email: pr@activemedia.gr
  • Contact Number: +30 210 9343020