Yoel Wulfart's The Last Lunch At The Theatre Of The No


  • When: 17 May 2024 - 24 Jun 2024
  • Time: 20:00 - 22:00
  • Where: Kon/nou Paleologou 3, Athina
  • Price: 15€
  • Title: Yoel Wulfart's The Last Lunch At The Theatre Of The No
  • Email: info@theatreoftheno.com
  • Contact Number: 694 685 1001
  • Website: theatreoftheno.com/
Yoel Wulfart's The Last Lunch At The Theatre Of The No
A musical farce that dares to Question

THEATER OF THE NO, Athens newest English-speaking theatre, presents «THE LAST LUNCH», a musical tragicomedy, written by Yoel Wulfhart, directed by Manos Tsotras and musical composition by Ian Blunsdon. Opening for the first time outside America on Thursday, May 17th, for a limited run through to June 24th, the production promises a blend of laughter, wit and wisdom.

A surreal, modernist farce, a menu of laughter and food for thought, that shines a light on the lives we hope and pretend to live. Set in a world where Jesus walks among us, teaching selfless love, while confronting human indifference and selfishness, the play delves into the complexities of existence with humor and insight.

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At the “table” of THE LAST LUNCH Jesus arrives to save and elevate his people, but they baptize him in a mop bucket, are unable or unwilling to love, offer up prayers with selfish motives, and are obsessed with money, sex and personal success. As a result, He decides to spend his time playing Sudoku and avoiding talk of a “Second Coming”.

"Vanity of vanities, 'all is vanity'?" The play confronts this existential question head- on, challenging audiences to reconsider their perspectives on life, joy, and meaning.

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Our menu promises an experience that serves more than just food. "You might not get what you want, but you won’t get what you expect either, and you definitely won’t think the same way again" teases Wulfhart.

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Theatre of The NO- Background: A new English-speaking theatre opened on 18 th April 2024 in the centre of Athens, with the production «Waiting For Godot» by S.Beckett. A theatre thats embraces diversity and creativity, welcoming new writers and creators from Greece and around the world to share their voices on our stage. From thought-provoking dramas to avant-garde experiments, our programming will encompass a wide range of genres and styles, including Modernist, Absurdist, and Experimental Theatre, Music, Poetry and Performance Art.

Performances: Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday at 20.30

Drama Student Discount: tickets at the theatre box office for €12.
Early Arrival Discount: Α limited number of tickets are available for €5 to people arriving 1 hour before the performance.


AUTHOR: Yoel Wulfhart
DIRECTOR: Manos Tsotras
MUSIC DIRECTOR: Christianna Manou
LIGHTING DESIGNER: Fernanda Balcells
SET & SCENIC PAINTER: David Rawstron
PHOTOGRAPHER: Nikos Pagonakis
SOCIAL MEDIA: Petra Tseliou
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Fail Better Productions


Cherna Zweiudder  -  Ilia A. Pappa
Pilate Totengraber/Gravedigger/Pizza delivery man - Constantinos Adraktas
John Rosenberg/Peter Pagenstecher/Tupac Shakur/Voice - Giorgos Hatzikiriakos
Mark Zukerberger/John the Baptist/Chico Marx - Anestis Ishnopoulos
Luke Pomerantz/Abarbanel - Michalis Theodorakis
Judas Wulfhenstein - Michael Trochanis
Jesus Morecheek - Leonidas Mikropoulos
Eshtael Kirschenbaum - Chara Lianou
Virginia Blumenkrantz/Lexus Pomerantz - Denia Mimerini
Tiffany Schmukler - Elia Verganelaki
Mary Magdalenzweicheeck - Ivi Kotsona
Mary Magdalenzweicheeck A/Saleslady/Activist - Margarita Papazoglou
Mary Magdalenzweicheeck Β/Rosencrantz’ wife - Cherinne Retal