August Screenings - Athens Open Air Film Festival 2018

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August Screenings - Athens Open Air Film Festival 2018
The beloved film-loving summer date, the Athens Open Air Film Festival, in collaboration with the City of Athens Cultural, Sport and Youth Organization, returns in its 8th edition with magical screenings from June to August. Special city corners, archaeological monuments, parks, squares, beaches and some of the most beautiful museums and sites in Athens transform into an open-air cinema with free entrance to the audience.

This article outlines all of the screenings for August so keep scrolling for full program info...

Wednesday, Agust 22nd / Rematia Theater, Chalandri

The Collector, 1965 by William Wyler

Tribute «Classics Illustrated: Reading on the big screen» in collaboration with the British Council.  A young and lonely man (Terence Stamp) has kidnapped a student of fine arts (Samantha Eggar) aiming to win her love, even through violence if necessary. Twice awarded with an Oscar, one of the top creators of Hollywood’s golden era, William Wyler left aside the social concerns found in John Fowles’ book and focused on the coexistence of the two main characters forming an unusual (and unique in its kind) erotic film, through the conflict of different worldviews.
Starring: Terence Stamp, Samantha Eggar, Mona Washbourne
Duration: 119’
Starting Time: 21:00

Friday , August 24th / Dionysiou Areopagitou Pedestrian Precinct
The Long Day Closes, 1992 by Terence Davies

Tribute «Classics Illustrated: Reading on the big screen» in collaboration with the British Council. Four years after the artistic triumph of his first feature film «Distant Voices, Still Lives» (1988), the great Terence Davies returns again in the past and his hometown: in Liverpool – 1956, in the house he grew up, in the arms of his beloved mother, in the days where the whole world seemed to begin at his family home’s doorstep and finish at the end of the road.

Starring: Leigh McCormack, Marjorie Yates, Anthony Watson, Nicholas Lamont
Duration: 85’
Starting Time: 21:00

Wednesday, August 29th / Numismatic Museum Garden
Lord of the Flies, 1963 by Peter Brook

Tribute «Classics Illustrated: Reading on the big screen» in collaboration with the British Council. One day, out of the blue, war breaks out and a bunch of British schoolchildren find refuge in an exotic island in the middle of nowhere. All alone and unable to contact the outside world, the boys try to organize a society from scratch, despite the constant disputes that threaten the already fragile new circumstance. If hope for a better world effectively lies within the children, this same hope sinks in the most dramatic way in the sea of the Cold-War pessimism which surrounds the island of the «Lord of the Flies» and this masterful adaptation from William Golding’s legendary novel.

Starring: James Aubrey, Tom Chapin, Hugh Edwards
Duration: 92’ 
Starting Time: 21:00

«Athens 2018 World Book Capital»
The screenings of the 8th Athens International Film Festival that express literary interest are integrated in the «Athens 2018 World Book Capital» framework, an international distinction received by the Athens municipality and our town from UNESCO which lasts for a year, from April the 23rd 2018 until April the 22nd 2019.