Athens Gardens Festival 2022


  • When: 26 May 2022 - 29 May 2022
  • Where: Various Locations
  • Price: Free
  • Title: Athens Gardens Festival 2022
Athens Gardens Festival 2022
Athens Gardens festival started its journey in 2013 by the Athens Art Network, which had been created just a year prior, and consisted of many independent art groups. Since then, at the beginning of the tourist season, the festival presents the opportunity to find live world and classical music in selected Athenian gardens and parks with free entrance.

May 26 - Tango concert by “Tanguerissimo”
Dance performance by dance school “Baile de Barrio” with an open “milonga” for the public to follow.

Trio Tanguerissimo has been well-loved by Athenian milongueros and aims to embark on a musical journey through Buenos Aires in the 1950s. Kostas Vlachopoulos on the chromatic harmonica, Elli Dadira on acoustic bass and vocals, and Marios Strofalis on the piano will perform traditional tango for the dancing crew Baile de barrio, lead by Kostas Nikolaides, and for every member of the public who enjoys the most erotic form of dance.

Where: Viktoria square(outside the metro station Viktoria sq)
Time: 8-10 p.m 

May 27 - Songs and music of love
Marios Strofalis Quartet & Irene Toumpaki.

The cinematic composer’s chamber music ensemble with a distinct Mediterranean hue is almost in the 20th year since its formation and will present the albums “European Taxim I & II”. Irene Toumpaki’s voice narrates a journey with songs of love from her new album called “Mystikos Kipos” with M.Strofalis music.

Where: “Kentro Technon” (Art center) - Parko Eleutherias (Freedom Park)
Time: 7:30-9:30 p.m

May 28 - Latin concert by Martha Moreleon and the “Real Latin”
Cuban and Latin dance performance

The Athenian-Mexican with the velvety voice aims to bring Cuban song and dance to the multicultural neighborhood of the central railroad station of Athens. With her, her long-time companions in music from Chile, Argentina, and Greece. To truly bring this party to life we have the help of two Cuban dancers. The audience is not obliged to join the dance, but it is strongly encouraged! 

Where: Park opposite Stathmos Larisis station (basketball court, Samou 75)
Time: 8-10 p.m

May 29 - Swing concert by “Manouchedrome” accompanying the dance group “Rhythm Hoppers” in a swing party 

ManoucheDrome go on a musical journey starting from Django Reinhardt through Belgium and onto Paris where gypsy jazz met the swing accordion of Gus Viseur, and come all the way to Britain where gypsy jazz met English verse. Ever devoted to the idioms of yesteryear and the explosive voice of Nandia Manti ManoucheDrome invite the audience to “whistle” and dance along with the musical rhythms of swing. Alongside them, the dancing crew Rhythm Hoppers will get the party rolling, and everyone can join.

Where: Pagrati Grove
Time: 8-10 p.m