4th Athens Celtic Music Festival


The 4th Athens Celtic Music Festival  with workshops, music performances, and Celtic fairy tales is finally here!

5 bands
1 choir
4 guest musicians from Ireland and Greece

Book your tickets at Trianon, Kodrigtonos 21 for the music performances on 18-20 May for the 3 days with 25 euros, as well as the Celtic Fairy Tales (5 euros per person)
or at viva.gr only for the Music Performances with tickets from 10-14 euros

For the workshops, the price is 12 euros per person.

17/5 workshops 11-19.00 at Trianon's foyer and Odeio Alfa
18,19,20/5 DOORS open at 18.00 (music performances)
20/5 Celtic Fairy  Tales 11-12(Trianon Cinema)

Please be 30 mins earlier at the venue for the workshops or the performances.

Smoking is prohibited inside the area of the performances and workshop, as well as the use of mobile phones.

Please call at 2108215469 for more info or visit our site.