"I Am Hatching" At Avaton Theatre


  • When: 12 Oct 2019
  • Where: Avaton Theatre, Efpatridon 3, Gazi
  • Price: 15€
  • Title: "I Am Hatching" At Avaton Theatre
  • Contact Number: 210 3412689, 6942703702
"I Am Hatching" At Avaton Theatre
The first babies to ever watch the show are now young children. They can walk, talk and run. In the meantime, more babies came into this world and the team behind "I am hatching" are ready to welcome on the orange carpet and the fluffy cushions that’s going to be the kicking off for a fifth year on the stage of Avaton theatre, on Saturday, October 12.

Exclusively for infants 4 - 16 months old. 
On this show the viewers breastfeed, maybe they haven’t even said their first word or they can’t stand on their own. However, they can listen, touch, feel, express joy and discontent without a second thought. They are the most demanding audience of this world! They worth giving everything to please them. That’s what the team of " I am hatching " are planning to do for a fifth year, with some old and new collaborators, through a specially designed show for infants from 4 to 18 months.

This really young audience will travel in a fairytale land with Lefteris’s invaluable help and the newborn pigeon that flutters its wings for the first time, ready to explore and find happiness and love.

The show will last forty-five minutes during which babies and parents will share a unique interactive experience. The experienced performers create a safe environment for the babies by employing precise visual stimulus such as shapes, sounds, music, colors and of course movement, so they can entertain the young audience and also stimulate their senses. Increasing their attention, stimulating their imagination, helping them to interact with the environment and with their new “home” that is incredibly magical and definitely more complex than the belly of their mother.

Every Saturday at 10:30, 12:00 and 13:30

Duration: 45 minutes

Tickets prices: 15 euros for a parent with a child, 5 euros for every extra adult

Booking necessary before arrival on 210 3412689, 6942703702