Athens Science Festival - Worlds Of Tomorrow


  • When: 21 Oct 2022 - 23 Oct 2022
  • Where: Technopolis City of Athens
  • Title: Athens Science Festival - Worlds Of Tomorrow
Athens Science Festival - Worlds Of Tomorrow
130 research, academic, educational organizations | 70 different interactive events | 25 kids labs | 15 workshops | 20 talks | exhibits of art and science | contests | stand up science | various activities for mixed age groups
Do you want to play football and sumo wrestle with a robot? Would you like to touch a planet? What if you could create your own colorful stars and volcanos? Athens Science Festival, the big celebration of science, returns from October 21st to 23rd 2022 at  Technopolis City of Athens inviting children and adults to discover science through art, interaction and play, at a fascinating three-day festival in the heart of the city.
The festival, inspired by Foresight, the strategic exploration of different possible versions of the future, leads us to the Worlds of Tomorrow, which are coming at an accelerated speed and introduce us to concepts such as climate change, artificial intelligence, robotics and sustainable development. Through experiential workshops and interactive exhibits, participants will have the opportunity to learn about computer vision, program and drive their own Minibot, travel mentally through our solar system and discover the role played by satellite technology in combatting the effects of climate change.
The versatile program of the festival includes original activities for every age: 70 interactive events, 25 kids labs, 15 workshops for adults, 20 talks, art and science exhibitions, contests, stand-up science. Moreover, this year leading scientists, academics and professionals from all over the world will participate in the Athens Science Festival, attempting, through their talks, to provide answers to a series of up-to-date issues.
A few of the Athens Science Festival 2022 highlights:
The Minoan Robotsports Competition (MRC) invites you to a sports robotics competition, football and sumo, organized by Hellenic Educational Robotics Organization, H.E.R.O
The award-winning interactive exhibition "Planets in your Hand", organized by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Department of Physics, returns to Technopolis City of Athens. The participants will have the opportunity to feel and perceive through the sense of touch and sight the characteristics of each planet such as the atmospheric and geological conditions that prevail on them, the temperature, and the wind. 
Mr. Chem takes us to his laboratory and together with children runs the most impressive experiments with everyday materials found in our kitchen. He creates colorful stars, builds his own volcanoes, and reads hidden messages. Organization: KLEIDARITHMOS Publications
Also, for yet another year, top representatives of the academic community are joining us at Technopolis with the aim of helping us uncover what the future awaits us. This year's guests include:
Dr. Sanjay Sharma, associate professor in the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (SECAM) at the University of Plymouth, will be at the opening ceremony of the festival, on October 21, to present the applications of Artificial Intelligence in shipping and the most important steps towards achieving maritime autonomy. Ηis talk with the title “Using AI to navigate” will take place on the main stage with the support of the British Council. 
Dr. Matthew Gardiner, artist and key researcher at Ars Electronica Futurelab introduces us to oribotics (origami + robotics). Through his interesting talk with the title "The Art & Science of Origami & Robotics", that will take place on Sunday 23 October, we will learn how his research relates to the study of folding in nature and learn about Oribotics, Origami Robotic methods and their various applications. The talk will take place with the kind support of the Austrian Embassy in Athens. 
The great celebration of science awaits you! Book your ticket now to discover the Worlds of Tomorrow !