Bubble Jam - Onassis Cultural Center

  • by XpatAthens
Bubble Jam - Onassis Cultural Center
Who is on the other end of the internet and what are the processes between us when communicating online?" Asking this question, Daniel Wetzel, founding member of the internationally acclaimed Rimini Protokoll, sets up an interactive installation for the peers of YouTube; for those who use messengers despite the age restriction; for the upcoming generation of digital natives.

We, as is usually in theatre, meet in the same space, yet this time a large part of the stage design has been converted into code. An interactive play and an experiment among us, Bubble Jam invites its visitors to act as members of a cloud that explores itself. How are joint decisions made? What happens when algorithms enter that process? And who or what do we “like” and “follow”?
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  • When: 24 Nov 2018 - 21 Apr 2019
  • Where: Logo 107 Syngrou Avenue, 11745 Athens, Greece
  • Price: € 12
  • Title: Bubble Jam - Onassis Cultural Center
  • Email: info@sgt.gr
  • Contact Number: 210 900 5 800
  • Website: www.sgt.gr/eng/SPG2208/?