"Images Of Everyday Life" At The Hellenic American Union

  • by Hellenic American Union
"Images Of Everyday Life" At The Hellenic American Union
60 photographers, all members of the “Photography Circle”, take part in an exhibition with images taken from the fringes of “trivial everyday life”.

The exhibition, entitled “Images of Everyday Life” and curated by Platon Rivellis and Panagiotis Markolefas, is being presented by the Hellenic American Union and Hellenic American College/ Hellenic American University in cooperation with the “Photography Circle”.

Home, family, one’s familiar, everyday space—these domains have traditionally been kept away from the prying eyes of outsiders. However much loved, these spaces have not been considered interesting other than as the context of a person’s life. 

Even in the modern era, inundated as it is with photographs from social media, familiar environments are overlooked in favor of outdoor spaces, which are seen as evidence of a multi-tasking "photographer".

Commenting on the photographic samples presented at the exhibition, Platon Rivellis notes: “While studying the work of the members of the “Circle”, I found that a great number of them were capturing moments from the fringes of their personal everyday life as a kind of personal journal, recognizing the aesthetic and emotional weight these carry behind their seeming insignificance…What’s interesting is how these images bear the mark of the individual photographer as it emerges from the approach each has taken to transform the trivial into the significant".