Aristotle Onassis's Boeing 747 Lands In Hellinikon's History

  • by XpatAthens
  • Friday, 23 February 2024
Aristotle Onassis's Boeing 747 Lands In Hellinikon's History
LAMDA DEVELOPMENT, in fulfillment of the agreement inked in May 2023 with POLKEOA (Cultural Center Of Olympic Aviation Employees), has immortalized the Boeing 747 once belonging to Aristotle Onassis, etching its place beside the Saarinen building—a testament to a new era dawning upon Hellinikon. Witness the awe-inspiring footage capturing the ascent of this iconic aircraft, symbolizing a glorious chapter in the history of Elliniko.

On Wednesday, February 21, LAMDA DEVELOPMENT, honoring the accord with POLKEOA, gracefully orchestrated the relocation of the revered aircraft to its new home beside the Saarinen building, marking the beginning of its journey in Hellinikon's unfolding narrative.

As the Saarinen building, inaugurated in 1969—the same year Aristotle Onassis commissioned this aircraft—stands tall, it echoes the timeless legacy of "The aircraft of Aristotle Onassis," forever intertwined with the rich tapestry of Hellinikon's history.

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