2024 Athens Carnival - Festivities Around The City

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  • Friday, 01 March 2024
2024 Athens Carnival - Festivities Around The City
A vibrant carnival extravaganza sweeps through the city's neighborhoods, igniting joy and festivity at every turn.

With 80 lively events spread across 55 diverse locations, the pulse of the carnival resonates throughout the Municipality of Athens. From lively Tsiknopempti festivities to spirited carnival celebrations, the city comes alive with traditions and merrymaking. For 23 days, every corner of the city becomes a stage for music, dance, and cultural revelry, creating memories to cherish for years to come.

Experience the vibrant fusion of music and tradition on Tsiknopempti.

On Thursday, March 7th, the melodies of carnival tradition will reverberate through Varvakeio Agora, Monastiraki Square, and the surrounding streets. At 11:30, join the public in Varvakeio Agora to welcome the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Athens. Meanwhile, at 12:00, the "Vakhes” Greek Dancing Group will kick off its carnival procession from Syntagma Square. Their carnival route includes a stop at Kotzia Square to showcase the custom of the Ribbons of Naxos, before culminating in the lively ambiance of Monastiraki Square. There, the enchanting tunes of the bands Charisma and Isidoros Pateros will captivate audiences with their music and songs, ensuring an unforgettable celebration.

Witness the enchanting spectacle as young revelers embrace the carnival festivities.

Children, the heart of the carnival, dress themselves in colorful costumes and swarm the squares and cultural venues of Athens, eager to partake in the joyous celebrations and engage in playful enactments that bring them closer to the carnival tradition. The National Gallery, the Museum of Folk Art and Tradition "Angeliki Hatzimichali", the Plato Academy Digital Museum, libraries, creative learning centers, and the Hellenic Children's Museum extend a warm invitation to families, offering a plethora of educational and museum-pedagogical programs. From workshops exploring visual arts and constructions to musical movement and fairy tale dramatizations, along with theatrical games and captivating music and dance events, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Carnival activities unfold across various squares, including Gyzi, Plyta, Agios Georgios, Agios Dimitrios (Panormos), and the Kolokynthou Municipal indoor swimming pool, as well as Mayor Dimitris Beis Park. Meanwhile, Thymarakion Square and the pedestrian street at the junction of Gennaios Kolokotronis and Matrozos undergo a magical transformation into vibrant party hubs, igniting the spirits of both young and old alike.

Experience the rich tapestry of tradition and the vibrant carnival routes winding through the streets of the city.

Apokria, a cherished Greek celebration steeped in ancient roots, exudes a timeless charm and a distinct regional flair across Greece. The Municipality of Athens proudly shines a spotlight on tradition and carnival customs, infusing Athenian neighborhoods with their essence. Throughout the carnival season, cultural clubs grace the city streets, presenting traditional dances and reviving local carnival customs, thus immersing us in the true spirit of the Carnival and spreading jubilant merriment.

The festivities kick off on Tsiknopempti, March 7th, with the "Vakhes” Greek Dancing Group leading the way. During their carnival route, they'll pause at Kotzia Square to honor the custom of the Ribbons of Naxos. The revelry continues on Sunday, March 10th, with the Zakynthian Union of Athens hosting the carnival sergiani in Plaka, featuring chants and traditional dances of Zakynthos. Meanwhile, Platonos Square comes alive with a carnival event showcasing pranks from across Greece, accompanied by live traditional music from regional cultural organizations and the delightful wanderings of Horostasi through the streets of Plaka, complete with merry-go-rounds, events, carnival dances, and songs.

On Saturday, March 16th, the Lesvos Farmers' Union "Agios Dimitrios" and the Cultural Association of Traditional Dances and Cultural Activities "O Molyvos" promise to whisk us away on another journey into the carnival tradition with a revival of "Patinada," a cherished local custom of Lesvos. Finally, on Sunday, March 17th, we bid farewell to the Athenian Carnival with a grand procession in the city center, presented by the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry with support from OPANDA, featuring animators, jugglers, Brazilian percussionists, and other entertainers.

The neighborhoods of Athens will be pulsating with excitement as carnival routes flood the streets with joyous rhythms. On Sunday, March 10th, a carnival route of percussion will traverse from Attica Square to Victoria Square, while Morfes Ekfrasis will transport us to Votanikos for a carnival reminiscent of days past. Then, on Saturday, March 16th, the percussion ensemble Bloco Swingueira will electrify the city with the irresistible beats of Brazilian rhythm and dance.

Discover a symphony of cultural delights with a lineup of concerts, music, dance events, and theatrical performances.

The Music Ensembles of the Municipality of Athens will enchant audiences throughout the carnival season with their melodic offerings, filling various corners of Athens with their harmonious tunes. The Philharmonic Orchestra will grace neighborhoods with their musical presence, while Martha Moreleon and the Big Band inject a jazzy flair into the carnival celebrations. Additionally, the Greek Music Workshop, led by Dora Loizou and Manolis Skoulas, promises to elevate the Halloween festivities with their captivating melodies.

Moreover, this year's eclectic carnival program, curated by the Municipality of Athens, boasts an array of entertainment options. Concerts, music, and dance events, as well as theatrical performances, will unfold in cultural venues across the city. From the Arts Centre hosting a concert on March 9th to the Polychoros Municipality of Athens Anna & Maria Kalouta featuring theatrical performances on March 9th and 10th, there's something to entice every artistic palate. The Melina Cultural Centre will come alive with a dynamic music and dance event on March 10th, while the Olympia Municipal Music Theatre "Maria Callas" presents a music theater performance directed by Giorgos Vassiliadis on March 10th. Additionally, the Municipal Market of Kypseliwill host a vibrant music and dance event on March 13th, rounding out the cultural festivities with flair and finesse.

Experience the grand finale of the carnival season on Clean Monday atop the iconic Filopappos Hill.

This cherished tradition brings together families and friends to celebrate the beginning of Lent in a joyous atmosphere filled with kite flying and the beloved custom of Kouloumas. Joining in this jubilant occasion are the illustrious Philharmonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Athens and the captivating sounds of the Charisma band, creating an unforgettable ambiance of harmony and merriment against the backdrop of the Athenian skyline.

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