A Jewel Made In Greece Returns At Zappeion Hall

  • by XpatAthens
  • Friday, 23 February 2024
A Jewel Made In Greece Returns At Zappeion Hall
A "Jewel Made in Greece" stands as the pinnacle of creativity and refinement, a visionary platform born from the ingenuity of Mary Samolis. As a designer and micro-sculptor, Samolis describes it as "a fusion of artistry and entrepreneurship," a journey that has traversed four continents, nine countries, and over fifty destinations with resounding success.

Year after year, the AJMIG (A Jewel Made in Greece) team of Greek jewelry designers unveils their latest masterpieces. In its tenth annual gathering at Zappeio Megaro, fifty Greek artists reconvene, celebrating not only art but also championing a national cause. This year's exhibition intertwines with a tribute to the missing Caryatida, adding depth and purpose to the showcase.

From February 23 to 26, visitors are invited on a transcendent journey guided by fifty jewelry designers and their corresponding brands. Within this enchanting tapestry, art reigns supreme, seamlessly blending precious and humble materials, diamonds with ceramics, all infused with a profound sense of soul. Each piece boasts exquisite aesthetics, unique textures, and innovative designs.

As an esteemed institution and beacon of creativity, A Jewel Made in Greece provides a platform for Greek jewelry designers to showcase their vision to the public and industry professionals alike, spanning from stores to art shops, museums, and galleries.

This year's exhibition will feature a visual tribute titled "A Jewel for Caryatida," conceived and designed by Mary Samolis, with editorial and theoretical support from Iris Kritikou. This tribute will unfold over twelve months across ten stations, beginning at Zappeion and extending to historical sites both within and beyond Greece's borders.
Guiding visitors through the captivating world of jewelry, diamonds, and gemstones will be the esteemed scientific partner, Giorgos Spyromelios. From February 23 to 26, Spyromelios will offer insights into jewelry valuation, enriching the experience for all attendees.

In conjunction with the exhibition's opening, attendees will be treated to a fashion show titled "EN PORTANT MES BIJOUX" by Alice Dikeos, adding another layer of elegance and sophistication to this illustrious event.

Originally published in Greek on: parapolitika.gr