Learn Greek And Get Discounts At Local Businesses

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 19 February 2015
Learn Greek And Get Discounts At Local Businesses

Glossopolis is looking for people to test their services. If you'd like to learn Greek and receive reward discounts at local businesses for actually using your Greek, then get in touch with Athina Pitta (pitta@glossopolis.com) and let your linguistic trip begin!  

Help Us Better Our Services!
Pilot testing for Greek language courses with rewards discounts at local businesses.

Glossopolis (http://glossopolis.com/) is a Greek start-up that offers an e-learning platform of Greek language courses to individuals who live in Greece or visitors who want to visit Greece and speak the language of the locals, with the locals!

Once you sign-up to Glossopolis, you have access to all the educational content built in the colloquial form of the language and to a series of advertisements from local businesses we cooperate with, such as bars, restaurants, hotels, taxis, etc. If you visit the relevant businesses and speak to them in Greek ~ you will receive a discount on their services or a special gift as a reward for your effort! Not only will you save money while experiencing Greece, you will interact with the locals in their language and support local business in Greece.

Pilot testing procedure.

We need English speaking people to sign-in, learn the courses, access the local business services and give us their feedback for our service. In return we are going to provide vouchers to our affiliate businesses.

If you are interested in participating please contact Athina Pitta at pitta@glossopolis.com for further information and let your linguistic trip begin!