How The Marathon Race And Other Races Will Affect Traffic Over The Weekend

  • by XpatAthens
  • Friday, 08 November 2019
How The Marathon Race And Other Races Will Affect Traffic Over The Weekend
The Greek police has announced the schedule of the traffic regulations and street shutdowns that will take place in the Marathon area and central Athens on the occasion of the annual Authentic Marathon race and other smaller races on Saturday, November 9 and Sunday, November 10.

On Saturday, November 9, between 17.00-19.00, a 10km race will take place from Vassilissis Sofias Ave near Syntagma Square to the Panathenaic Stadium; some of the streets it will pass through include Panepistimiou, Messoghion, Fidippidou and Irodou Attikou. On Sunday, November 10, between 09.00-17.45, the 37th Authentic Marathon route will follow Marathonos Avenue to the Panathenaic Stadium via Messoghion Ave, Michalakopoulou Ave, Vassilissis Sofias Ave, and Irodou Attikou, among others.

Other races that will start at Vassilissis Sofias in Syntagma and finish at the Panathenaic Stadium on Sunday are:

08.00-10.00: 5km road race, through the streets of Panepistimiou, Akadimias, the NIMITS hospital area.
10.05-10.20: Special Olympics Hellas Fun Run 1200m. Starts from Vassilissis Sofias Avenue outside Greek Parliament Finishes inside the Panathenaic Stadium.
10.20-10.40: Kids' Fun Run 1200m. Starts from Vas. Sofias Avenue outside Greek Parliament. Finishes inside the Panathenaic Stadium.
10.35-11.00: Team Road Race ERGO 3km. Starts from Vas. Amalias Ave. in front of Ippokratio Hospital. Finishes inside the Panathenaic Stadium.

In addition, short children's races will be held by local municipalities along the Marathon towns. In general, traffic restrictions will be introduced early on Saturday morning and stay in place, by location, until late afternoon on Sunday.

In Athens, in particular, vehicles will not be allowed to park on several streets until as late as 20:30. Please also note that bicycle riders and pedestrians are not allowed on the streets runners will use, and they will also not allowed to cross these streets during the race.

For further information and a detailed schedule of traffic restrictions, please visit: Hellenic Police (Greek Only)

Source: AMNA