Simple Ways To Keep Athens Clean

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 01 August 2019
Simple Ways To Keep Athens Clean
Public city spaces are our home, so we want them to be clean and tidy. The City of Athens invites locals to actively participate in keeping the city clean while helping municipal workers complete their tasks with ease.

Clean Your Neighborhood

If you are interested in removing unwanted graffiti and tags in your neighborhood, contact the City of Athens' synAthina by email at or by phone at 210 3464738.

Properly Dispose Of Electrical Appliances

Don't dump your old refrigerator, washer, cooker, or any other electrical appliance on the street. The City of Athens collects old appliances for special recycling. All you need to do is book a time slot through 1595, the municipality's 24 hour phone line.

Tie Up Garbage Bags

Please tie up garbage bags before putting them into the dumpster; this way, the sidewalks, and streets won't get dirty during garbage collection. Note: When placing recyclables into the blue recycling dumpsters bags don't need to be tied up.

Organize your Recyclables

Please organize your recycling at home. Putting your recyclable materials in different bags makes the process at the collection and sorting recycling plants a whole lot easier.

Don't Move The Dustbins

Please don't move the dustbins; this makes the cleaning, and  garbage collection process much easier and more effective.


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