VAT Reduction Comes Into Effect

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 20 May 2019
VAT Reduction Comes Into Effect
Thousands of food products will be approximately 9% cheaper following the VAT reduction that came into effect today. Consumers will benefit from the slight price reduction of about 56 product categories. Among others, VAT will come down to 13% from 24% in the following foodstuffs:



1. Bread, pitta bread, rusks, salted crackers
2. Salt, vinegar, lemon, and refrigerated bouillon
3. Salted & smoked fish and fish roe.
4. Biscuits, cookies, chocolate, spoon sweets, peanut butter, chocolate spreads, ice cream, and others.
5. Sweeteners
6. Cold deserts such as puddings, rice puddings, jellos and others.
7. Cereals (excluding oats)
8. Fresh and frozen dough & fyllo products
9. Coffee and teas
10. Jams and preserves
11. Tomato sauces and puree
12. Condiments
13. Fruits and vegetables
14. Dried fruits and nuts
15. Margarine and vegetable oils
16. Juice
17. Ready-made packaged meals
18. Frozen potatoes

Furthermore, VAT will be reduced to 6% from 13% on electricity and gas bills. Restaurant and cafeteria meals are also subject to VAT reduction from 24% to 13%, excluding drinks.