The Premier Of Athens & Epidaurus Festival 2018

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 18 June 2018
The Premier Of Athens & Epidaurus Festival 2018
The Athens & Epidaurus Festival recently premiered on June 1st with three brilliant performances at Peiraios 260 and the Athens Concert Hall. Performances included Ivo van Hove's masterpiece 'After the Rehearsal-Persona,' a stage adaptation of two Ingmar Bergman classics.

The festival will run through August 2018. Below is this year’s Festival trailer, which was directed by the distinguished Pericles Hoursoglou. It is visually conceived as a series of thousands of footsteps, which is meant to portray the thousands of spectators rushing to the ancient and contemporary theatre venues from 1955 to our times.

This year at the Athens & Epidaurus Festival, all performances will have English and Greek subtitles for the first time, accommodating Greek and foreign audiences alike, as well as for the hearing impaired.

What is the Athens & Epidaurus Festival?

It is Greece’s foremost cultural festival and one of the oldest performing arts festivals in Europe (1955). Each year, the Athens & Epidaurus Festival presents performances from acclaimed artists in theatre, dance, and music and attracts large audiences from around the world.

Please click HERE to view the Athens Festival program!

Venues of the Athens Festival
Odeon of Herodes Atticus - The Festival’s main performance venue, located at the foot of the Acropolis.

Peiraios 260 - A former industrial area of several buildings just off Athens’ centre, at Peiraios 260 str.

Opening to the City - Launched in 2017, this section is more of a concept than an actual venue. Site-specific performances are presented in various neighbourhoods of Athens and Piraeus, including outdoor spaces and archaeological sites, thus expanding the Festival’s scope and audience and encouraging spectators’ active engagement.

Other venues include EMST, Megaron, Epidaurus Theater, Little Theater of Ancient Epidaurus, Ancient Stadium of Epidaurus, Odeon of Herodes, Benaki Museum, National Acheological Museum, Benizelos Mansion, the Athens Conservatory and more.

For more information, please visit: Greek Festival

Photo Credit: Athens Festival