PWC Study Says Athens Is A City Of Opportunity

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 20 June 2016
PWC Study Says Athens Is A City Of Opportunity
Price Waterhouse Coopers has analyzed the trajectory of 30 cities, all of which are capitals of finance, commerce, and culture. This study has ranked the cities based on performance and what makes the cities function best. Among the 30 cities that were studied, Athens was ranked 23.

The study examines and identifies the factors that contribute to a successful city and a resilient urban community, evaluating the selected cities on the basis of 10 indicators, organized into 3 families:
  1. Tools for a changing world: Education, technology, and global access 
  2. Quality of life: Attaining the good life is anything but a walk in the park
  3. Economics: Paying the way for progress
In total, the study uses 10 indicators to map a city’s performance:
Intellectual capital and innovation, Technology readiness, City Gateway, Health, safety, and security, Sustainability and the natural environment, Demographics and livability, Transportation and infrastructure, Economic clout, Ease of doing business and Cost.

The indicators that were strong points for Athens were health, safety, security, sustainability and the natural environment, cost, and city getaway.

Mayor of Athens, Yorgos Kaminis commented, "This study is a very useful tool in the hands of the Municipal Authority and we will use it to implement both immediate and long-term priorities for the city. The city of Athens proposes a new model of development and social cohesion, with emphasis on openness, innovation and the creation of new jobs to stimulate the Greek capital city as an exclusive tourist destination.”

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