Recent Movies & TV Shows You Didn't Know Were Filmed In Greece

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 01 February 2024
Recent Movies & TV Shows You Didn't Know Were Filmed In Greece
Welcome to a cinematic odyssey through the sun-kissed landscapes of Greece, where the azure waters, ancient ruins, and charming villages have become the enchanting backdrop for an increasing number of movies and captivating TV shows. As Hollywood and international filmmakers have discovered the allure of Greece's diverse and picturesque locales, the country has emerged as a prominent and sought-after filming destination.

Here are some recent films and TV shows filmed in Greece that are worth watching!

1. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

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📍Spetses, Greece. Credit: @billakosssss

In this 2022 movie, the world-renowned detective Benoit Blanc unravels a gripping mystery set against the stunning backdrop of Greece. This mystery film, sprinkled with humor, will keep you guessing from beginning to end. The crisp and picturesque Greek imagery adds an extra layer of allure to the story. Filmed on Spetses in 2021, the adventure begins in this captivating island before transitioning to the enchanting Amanzoe's Villa 20 in Porto Heli. The shift in locations brings a dynamic element to the film, contributing to its visual richness and showcasing the diverse beauty that Greece has to offer. Director Rian Johnson described the experience as "a summer vacation where we also made a movie," capturing the essence of the unique filming journey.

2. Daisy Jones & The Six

📍Hydra, Greece. Credit: @lesbisousrouges

This American musical drama television miniseries, adapted from the 2019 novel, starts unfolding its compelling narrative in the year 1977. This drama, blending romance and music, takes you on a journey across three vivid locations: the vibrant streets of Los Angeles, the soulful atmosphere of New Orleans, and the enchanting landscapes of Greece. Following the completion of the album and the realization of genuine emotions for Billy, Daisy makes a bold move, hightailing it to Greece, specifically the picturesque island of Hydra. 

3. Maestro in Blue

📍Paxoi, Greece. Credit: @nick.haji
This show made history as the first Greek series to grace Netflix, whisking viewers away to the charming and petite Greek island of Paxos. Nestled between the islands of Corfu and Lefkada, Paxos becomes the picturesque canvas for this groundbreaking series. As the plot unfolds, the storyline takes us on several visits to the nearby island of Corfu. During the pandemic, a musician embarks on a journey to set up a music festival, inadvertently finding love and becoming entangled in other people's lives. This gripping drama delves into modern-world problems, keeping audiences on their toes with a rollercoaster of powerful and harsh moments with many twists. However, what truly distinguishes "Maestro in Blue" is the breathtaking imagery—the crystal-clear waters of Paxoi and landscapes that are nothing short of cinematic perfection.

4. The Triangle of Sadness

📍Chiliadou Beach, Euboea. Credit: Greg Patrikios 

This movie unfolds as a satirical black comedy, delving into the complexities of class disparity through a power play involving a supermodel couple and a disruptive shipwreck. The film skillfully explores the absurdity of a social hierarchy challenged by a lack of survival skills among the affluent islanders. Shot against the backdrop of both Sweden and the jaw-dropping landscapes of Greece, the Greek locations steal the spotlight with their breathtaking beauty. The beach scenes, filmed at Chiliadou Beach on the island of Euboea, elevate the film's visual appeal, seamlessly blending biting satire with the sheer magnificence of the Greek landscape.

5. A Perfect Story

📍Mykonos, Greece. Credit: @minogiannisvalantis
When Margot makes a daring escape from her own wedding, she's left adrift, searching for purpose. Little does she realize that David, with his delightful chaos, holds the key to finding her way. Adapted from Elísabet Benavent's 2020 novel 'Un cuento perfecto,' this tale weaves a classic narrative of two lovers from vastly different worlds. The magic of 'A Perfect Story' unfolds against the captivating backdrops of both Greece and Madrid. Notably, the popular Greek island of Mykonos takes center stage, becoming a visual feast for audiences. Renowned for its white and blue landscapes, Mykonos adds a touch of enchantment to the Netflix limited series, as confirmed by tourism consulting firm MTC. 'A Perfect Story' is a visual journey that brings to life the beauty of Greece and the allure of a tale as old as time.

6. How To Have Sex 242230088 3074431572789595 2102064569582996861 n 1080
📍Malia, Crete. Credit: @jess.thoe
This upcoming coming-of-age drama follows three British teenage girls on a rites-of-passage holiday in the lively party town of Malia, Crete. As they embrace the thrill of drinking and clubbing, anticipating the best summer of their lives, the narrative takes a powerful twist when the party unexpectedly grinds to a halt. Filmed against the vibrant backdrop of Malia, known for its energetic atmosphere and bustling nightlife, the movie weaves a compelling story, tapping into the profound theme of consent. Malia's lively streets and dynamic ambiance not only set the stage for the characters' adventures but also enhance the film's immersive portrayal of youth and the complexities of their experiences, promising an emotionally charged cinematic journey.