3 Greek Beaches Among The Best In Europe

  • by XpatAthens
  • Wednesday, 02 March 2022
3 Greek Beaches Among The Best In Europe
Greek beaches have a reputation that they are second to none and, once again, the international media put them high on the list of the best beaches in Europe. Conde Nast Traveler distinguished three Greek beaches and invites travelers from all over the world to swim, at least once, in their crystal-clear azure waters.

Porto Katsiki
Porto Katsiki Beach, Lefkada. Credit: @anna.vvagner

Lefkada’s Porto Katsiki beach is the first of three Greek entries on the list. As the article points out, it is a postcard-perfect beach on the south coast of the island, famous for its intense turquoise waters and sweeping views of the Ionian islands.

The second Greek beach on the list is Kleftiko, the most popular beach on Milos island. It's only accessible by boat or on foot. through a hiking path, but it's definitely worth visiting to marvel at its dramatic coastline. Not to mention its iconic volcanic rock formations, ideal for cliff-jumping. 

Kleftiko Beach, Milos. Credit: @thetantraveler.

Last but not least, the third entry is Seitan Limania in Chania, Crete. Imposingly located on a steep cliff, it's the perfect beach for adventure lovers since you have to walk through rugged dirt roads to get there (or simply take the boat). The reward is a white-pebbled beach with glittering blue waters!

Seitan Limania
Seitan Limania, Chania, Crete. Credit: @soulrepresentations

Main image: @lefkadaslowguide