5 Reasons You Should Visit A Less Touristy Island This Summer

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 04 July 2024
5 Reasons You Should Visit A Less Touristy Island This Summer
Greece is renowned for its picturesque islands, with destinations like Santorini and Mykonos drawing millions of visitors each year. However, there are many lesser-known islands that offer a more tranquil and authentic Greek experience.

Here are 5 compelling reasons to visit a less touristy island this summer, along with some hidden gems you should consider.

1. Escape the Crowds

Folegandros 1
📌 Chora, Folegandros

One of the main benefits of visiting a less touristy island is the ability to escape the throngs of tourists that flock to popular destinations. You’ll have the chance to enjoy serene beaches, quiet streets, and peaceful sunsets without the hustle and bustle.

Recommended Islands
  • Astypalaia: Known as the "Butterfly of the Aegean" for its unique shape, Astypalaia offers stunning beaches and charming villages with minimal crowds.
  • Folegandros: This small island is perfect for those seeking tranquility and breathtaking views, with its cliffside town of Chora being a particular highlight.

2. Authentic Local Culture

Aerial drone photo of Agios Kirykos, famous picturesque port and capital of Ikaria island, Northeast aegean, Greece
📌 Agios Kirikos, Ikaria

Less touristy islands often retain more of their traditional culture and customs, providing a more genuine and immersive experience. You’ll find local festivals, traditional cuisine, and friendly residents eager to share their way of life.

Recommended Islands

  • Ikaria: Famous for its residents' longevity, Ikaria offers a glimpse into a slow-paced, healthy lifestyle with numerous local festivals celebrating ancient traditions.
  • Nisyros: This volcanic island is rich in history and culture, with unique festivals, local crafts, and a welcoming atmosphere.
3. Unspoiled Natural Beauty

📌 Chora, Sifnos

These lesser-known islands often boast unspoiled natural landscapes, from pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters to lush greenery and rugged mountains. Nature lovers will find plenty to explore and appreciate.

Recommended Islands

  • Sifnos: Known for its beautiful beaches, charming villages, and scenic hiking trails, Sifnos is a paradise for nature enthusiasts.
  • Kastellorizo: This small island offers stunning natural beauty with its crystal-clear waters, sea caves, and picturesque harbor.
 4. Affordable Travel

syros 1
📌 Syros, Ermoupoli

Less touristy islands are typically more affordable than their famous counterparts. You’ll find lower prices on accommodation, dining, and activities, making it easier to enjoy a luxurious vacation without breaking the bank.

Recommended Islands
  • Syros: As the administrative capital of the Cyclades, Syros offers a blend of vibrant culture and affordable travel options, with many budget-friendly accommodations and eateries.
  • Kea (Tzia): Just a short ferry ride from Athens, Kea is an accessible and cost-effective destination with beautiful beaches and charming villages.

5. Unique Experiences

📌 Avlemonas Beach, Kithira  

Visiting a less touristy island provides the opportunity for unique experiences that you won’t find in more crowded destinations. From secluded coves and hidden archaeological sites to local festivals and traditional fishing villages, there’s always something new to discover.

Recommended Islands

  • Kythira: Known for its picturesque landscapes, waterfalls, and Venetian architecture, Kythira offers a wealth of unique experiences away from the mainstream tourist trail.
  • Amorgos: This island, featured in the film "The Big Blue," is known for its dramatic cliffs, secluded beaches, and ancient monasteries.
Final Thoughts

Choosing to visit a less touristy island in Greece not only allows for a more relaxed and authentic experience but also supports the local communities and helps preserve these hidden gems for future generations. Whether you’re seeking peace and tranquility, cultural immersion, or stunning natural beauty, there’s a lesser-known Greek island waiting to be explored.

So this summer, consider stepping off the beaten path and discovering the magic of Greece’s less touristy islands. You won’t be disappointed.