5 Great Greek Destinations To Visit This January

  • by XpatAthens
  • Friday, 29 December 2023
5 Great Greek Destinations To Visit This January
Greece may be known as a summer destination, boasting a unique coastline with numerous islands and drop-dead gorgeous sun-kissed beaches. Its natural beauty, though, goes far beyond just that.

Let's take a look at 5 beautiful destinations for a winter escape in Greece!

Mountainous Nafpaktia

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Credit: @georgia_damaskou
Nature lovers and adventure seekers will fall in love with mountainous Nafpaktia. Nafpaktos town features many attractions, with the well-preserved castle standing out from the rest. What will totally blow your mind, though, are the mountain villages in the area, especially Elatou and Ano Chora, hidden away in dense forests with chestnut trees. It's been on our travel list for years, but it still manages to stay off the beaten path and retain its traditional character.

Make sure to: Pay a visit to a localtsipouradiko and try an adventurous sport like rafting or mountain biking!



If winter destinations near Attica had a king, it would undoubtedly be Trikala in Corinth, located just 2 hours away from the capital. Blessed with imposing mountains, beautiful lakes, and extraordinary natural beauty, Trikala combines modern comforts, like hotels and luxurious chalets, with the most scenic landscapes. It’s a family-friendly destination that's also popular among skiers and snowboarders, with the Ziria Ski Resort just a breath away.

Make sure to: Try the special grilled ribs at a local tavern and go skiing at Ziria Ski Resort!
Plastira Lake

Limni Plastira
Credit: @antonios_papagiannopoulos
Perhaps the most beautiful sunset in mountainous Greece—regardless of the 340 kilometers one must travel to enjoy this magical moment when the sun disappears behind the Agrafos peaks, the fjords darken, and the lake waters turn an eerie blue color. The lake is surrounded by a whopping 18 picturesque villages, each with unique beauty. The most famous of them is probably Neochori and the views from there are simply breathtaking.

Make sure to: Visit Agnanti Restaurant, the perfect spot to watch the sunset, and go canoe-kayaking!

Credit: @alkis_dimos

Amphitheatrically built on one of the mountain peaks of the mighty Pindus, Metsovo is the perfect blend of mountainous beauty and traditional Greek character. Folklore and living traditions coexist harmoniously; they support each other and somehow create an authentic whole. Among the must-visit places are the art gallery, the park of Agios Georgios, a grove with all kinds of trees found in Pindos, the cheese factory, and the winery of Averof.

Make sure to: Visit the historic monastery of Agios Nikolaos, which has frescoes from the 17th century!


Credit: Thanos Stoupas
Dense forests, with mainly beech but also black pine and robola, cover the slopes of the mountains. The most beautiful of the surrounding settlements is Spilaio, where, just a few kilometers outside the village, you will also find the bridge of Portitsa guarding the narrow passage of a gorge. The village of Kalloni is a well-kept secret of jaw-dropping beauty (Angelopoulos had previously used it as a setting in one of his films), but the road network is not good.
Make sure to: Visit the ski resort and, if you make it that far, why not pay a visit to Ioannina close by!