Discover Anemotripa Cave

  • by XpatAthens
  • Wednesday, 18 February 2015
Discover Anemotripa Cave
Mountain escapes used to be connected to trekking, rafting or climbing. Here you will discover something different that will offer you the best cave impressions in one of the most amazing mountains in Greece. Anemotripa Cave is located in the Tzoumerka mountain chain and more specifically in Pramanta village. The cave is at an altitude of 900m and has a total length of 350 m (270 can be visited). Anna Petrocheilou (speleologist) was the main researcher of the cave who decided to explore it in 1960.

The entrance and the exit of the cave are the same. Under well-colored stalagmites three little lakes in the colors of grey, pink and white have taken shape. The interior part of the cave houses various species of insects as the species of Lepidopterans.

The path: After the entrance of the lake the hall leads to the First Chamber which has a length of 17 m. In the left side you can find the Chamber of the River.
The ladder leads to the Big Room with a height nearing 6 meters.

Anemotripa is composed of 3 main levels; the highest one is not accessible by visitors since it had collapsed in the past. Thus, you can start your tour through the median level that is the main touristic path and offers a unique atmospheric environment that will magnetize you from the very first moment. In the cave’s lowest level there is an underground flowing river. Moreover, the cave is divided into several room spaces that are connected by corridors, sometimes uphill, sometimes downhill. Fascinating stalactites and stalagmites, waterfalls, ponds and the underground river are only some of the ingredients that if we mix them with the cave’s natural colors, the result becomes really majestic.

Author: Mary Kallivoka