A Different Perspective - Exploring Northern Greece

  • by XpatAthens
  • Tuesday, 16 May 2017
A Different Perspective - Exploring Northern Greece
Northern Greece is gaining ground for its rich culture and diversity, as well as beautiful landscapes and plenty of outdoor activities. However popular Athens and the Greek islands will be, sometimes it’s worth exploring the road less-traveled. Vogue takes us to 3 areas in Northern Greece where you can go wine tasting in the Rhodope mountains or visit the Great Prespa Lakes, bordering Albania and Republic of Macedonia.


‘Northeast of Thessaloniki, in Greek Macedonia, the port town of Kavala serves as an excellent base for visiting the ancient city of Philippi and wine tastings around the semi-continental Rhodope mountains.’


‘Grevana, to the south, is a quaint village recognizable for its arched stone bridges, mushrooms, and snowboarding. There is a half-pipe at posh Vasilitsa resort and Valia Calda National Park is nestled into a valley nearby as well.’

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