Greek Cities To Visit: City Breaks Far From Mass Tourism

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 18 January 2016
Greek Cities To Visit: City Breaks Far From Mass Tourism
Although holidays in Greece have mostly been connected with the Greek islands, there are also many nice Greek cities to visit in the mainland.  City tourism in Greece is equally enjoyable and will certainly bring unforgettable experiences to the visitor.

Kalambaka: the base to Meteora
The town of Kalambaka, in northern Greece, is a highly developed toursit town blessed with breathtaking natural surroundings.  One of the most impressive Greek cities to visit, Kalambaka is actually the base to the wonderful region of Meteora, some gigantic rocky pillars, on top of which stand Byzantine monasteries.  Generally Kalambaka is busy year round due to the impressive spots of Meteora.

Monemvasia Old Town
Monemvasia, a Medieval Castle Town that is still inhabited until today, is one of the most romantic destinations in Greece.  Take a stroll through charming arched alleyways, Byzantine and Venetian churches, and aristocratic mansions and enjoy breathtaking sea views from the top of the Castle.  Outside hte Old Town is the new town of Monemvasia, called Nea Monemvasia.  In close distance are beaches that are both organised or secluded.

Visit Ioannina, a beautiful city in the region of Epirus, built around the beautiful lake of Pamvotida, to experience its multicultural environment and rich history. The culture of the city is strongly connected to this lake and promenading at the borders of the lake is a favoritr thing to do there. In Ioannina, visitors can see the Ottoman Mosque of Veli Pasha and the Byzantine Castle. 

While in town, do not miss the delicious local liqueurs and sweets, as well as the Museum of Historical Wax Figures Pavlos Vrellis and the Cave of Perama. Due to its geographical position, Ioannina is the perfect base for excursions to the picturesque villages of Zagoria and the archaeological site of Ancient Dodona, where the Sanctuary of Zeus and its ancient oracle are found.

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