What To Do In Greece During The Christmas Holidays

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 11 December 2017
What To Do In Greece During The Christmas Holidays
What to do in Greece during the Christmas holidays!? Fortunately, Greece is a terrific place to be at anytime during the year and especially during the Christmas holidays.

Hopefully you have a few days to experience some of the great ideas that we've suggested for you below. All of these ideas are great for the whole family, with friends or if you're traveling solo.

Find A Great Bakery Or Drop In At A Friend's House

Christmas in Greece brings many traditions from different parts of the country, but one tradition that is the same everywhere is all the great desserts! Visit a Greek friend's house during the holidays or a local bakery to try some of these traditional Christmas flavours:

Melomakarona - traditional Christmas cookies with delicious Greek honey.
Kourabiedes - traditional Christmas cookies covered in white powedered icing sugar.
Orange Cake - oranges are in season during the winter in Greece and many traditional recipes call for orange.
Diples - thinly folded pastry drizzled lightly with yummy Greek honey.
Vasilopita - traditional sweet bread baked for new years day.

Head To Kaimaktsalan & The Pozar Thermal Springs
This is a terrific combination for skiing and swimming! One day you can go skiing on the mountain of Voras (Kaimaktsalan), stay in the village of Old Agios Athanassios, and the next day (or even the same day) you can visit the Thermal Springs of Pozar.  If you're feeling adventurous, you can even hike along the river at Pozar too.
The ski center at Kaimaktsalan is very big, well organized and fun for the whole family. You may also want to rent a snow-bike and ride to the top where an ice church covered with snow stands. This church was constructed by soldiers - entirely build from war material, even bomb shells and barbwire.

Feeling a bit sore? Within 1 hour (or 1.5hrs if foggy) you can soak your body in the hot healing waters of Pozar (with temperatures nearing zero degrees). Feeling a bit risky? Try the hot/cold combination. Next to the thermal poll, there's a freezing waterfall that pours its waters over you. The benefits for the body are superb. 

Visit The Waterfalls Of Edessa
As you leave Kaimaktsalan, do not forget to pass through the city of Edessa. There you will find the waterfalls located inside the city and it's a magnificent spectacle. You can even cross the narrow path that goes behind the waterfall - a great photo opportunity. Try walking to the waterfall base, then look up!
Explore The Dream City Of Drama
Drama is a city within a city and is a dream for adults and children alike. The city comes alive at this time of year with many traditional festivities from December to January. In addition to the whole city being decorated for the season, there are many cultural events and programs to enjoy for the whole family. Drama is close to many other great towns and villages to discover in norther Greece, so make sure that you book a couple days to make the most of discovering the area.

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