Monemvasia - A Greek Castle Town

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 03 August 2015
Monemvasia - A Greek Castle Town
Travel Passionate shares with us her experience of this unique Greek castle town in the Southern Peloponnese.

The South Peloponnese region of Greece has many beautiful places worth visiting. One of them is Monemvasia.  At 280km from Athens, it's possible to reach Monemvasia by KTEL, the public bus network, or car - of course.

Old Monemvasia Town lies on a big rock jutting out to sea, connected to land by a small bridge.  A whole town of castles, cobbled streets, mansions, squares and churches unfolds before your eyes,  Inside the fortress's wall, you'll see one of the best preserved castles in Greece.

The main road starting at the entrance offers many restaurants, bars, shops and boutique hotels to choose from - all housed within preserved buildings.

In the main square, Monemvasia is dominated by an old cannon and the church of Elkomenos Christos and a 16th Century mosque that's home to the town's archiological collection.

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