Travel Bloggers Greece Explores Greece’s Mountain Getaways

  • by XpatAthens
  • Tuesday, 19 May 2015
Travel Bloggers Greece Explores Greece’s Mountain Getaways
TBG discovers Montanema Handmade Village hidden in the Pindos Mountains

Travel Bloggers Greece selected to visit the Montanema Handmade Village in Central Greece to experience “another face of Greece” that combined mountain hiking, village excursions, local gastronomy and lake activities.
Several outdoor excursions included a guided hike in Agrafa Mountains to its famed waterfalls and horseback riding at the Saloon Stables along Lake Plastiras.  TBG also experienced a “farm-to-table” tour. The bloggers milked sheep, gathered eggs at a family farm in Frago, toured the fifth-generation Pyrotzello flour mill and helped make traditional Greek egg pasta called hilopetes at the Karagouna pasta factory.  Throughout the trip, members dined at Montanema’s Fournia restaurant sampling specialties prepared with local meat, dairy products, herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables. 

 “The idea for the village was planted 15 years ago when the owner was hiking and stumbled upon a little home built in the forest hidden in the lush mountainous landscape.  He envisioned Montanema and today his dream is a reality. It opened last year as a unique accommodation that reflects the natural beauty of this area of Greece. Now, Travel Bloggers Greece can share that experience with their international readers and followers,” said Artemis Kokkinou, Village Hostess of the Montanema Handmade Resort.  

The mountain’s steep slopes meld in harmony with the 33 apartments and suites that were built with an eco-friendly, bio-climatic architectural design.  

“Our travel bloggers loved exploring the mountainous nature of Greece,” said Elena Sergeeva, co-founder of TBG. “Montanema’s hospitality has enabled us share the incredible nature and culture of Central Greece with our photography, social media activity and our travel writing.”

Also at Montanema, TBG member and photography blogger, Dimitrios Asithianakis, taught the group’s first educational workshop: You and Your DSLR Camera.  

 “We aim to collaborate and help educate each other so we can all be better travel bloggers,” said Marissa Tejada, co-founder of TBG. “Like Montanema, we look forward to sharing more authentic experiences on our international blogging and website platforms that focus on travel and culture in Greece.”

About Travel Bloggers Greece (TBG):  TBG is the first blogger networking group established in Greece based on a core set of professional values. Members are Greeks and expats who live in Greece and cover Greece as a travel destination in various languages.  TBG members abide by ethical standards and encourage positive cooperation, education and collaboration.  TBG works with Greece-based businesses to help promote authentic travel and increased awareness of Greek travel destinations. For more information visit:

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