• by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 16 February 2015
Trattoria Da Nonna
We tasted it, we loved it and we present it to you: Trattoria Da Nonna! A tasty temptation, of Italian origin, hidden in the narrow streets of Halandri! A place made like traditional Italian restaurants, ready to entertain and serve each one of you. The owner, Christos Xanthopoulos, gets all his raw materials from Italy through a special supplier which supplies all the genuine trattorias of Athens, to maintain the authenticity of the recipes of the Italian cuisine! The menu at Da Nonna trattoria consists of traditional Italian recipes, has curated an Italian chef and good friend of the owner, who aims to keep high levels of quality and proper execution of recipes.

For this reason, he brought from Italy a special pizzagiolo (person who makes pizza), to teach the rest of the team how to make a proper Italian pizza.


Address Griva 18, Chalandri, 15233
210 6830 009, orderdanonna@gmail.com
Tuesday - Friday 6pm to 12am
Monday closed
Saturday-Sunday 1pm to 12 am


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