Thalatta Seafood Restaurant In Gazi

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  • Monday, 16 February 2015
Thalatta Seafood Restaurant In Gazi
Sea food is a nutritional sector, that we Athenians, have never enjoyed in its best form. If you don’t get it as fresh as possible on your table, it looses part of its flavor and its nutritional value. Imagine a taverna on an Aegean island by the sea. In a while, the fishing boat arrives with fresh mussels and octopus. The fisherman is the taverna owner himself, and after a while the fresh sea food arrives on your table. Without any fancy wrapping. With the most beautiful décor you could think of. The sea and the blue sky.

Now compare this image with the restaurants in Athens. There is mistrust everywhere. The restaurant owner has to convince his customers about the quality and freshness of his items. The decoration is faux and only the prices bring the sea in mind, since they are always salty. Therefore, conversations in such restaurants are often about nostalgic memories of another taverna, another restaurant, always by the sea.

Thalatta is preaching the desired connection with the sea. When entering you see the image that every fish/sea food restaurant ought to have. The Cycladic white and the blue of the sea and sky, mix in a symphony where the only one missing is the maestro, the sun. The room is comfortable and tidy, not too packed with nets, fishing rods, buckets and such supposedly convincing items.

There is plenty of various mezedes that seem to cover the range. Except for the fact that on the day we went some options were absent, like oysters and lobster-spaghetti (which is not always bad, since seafood supplies have to be made very carefully). Apart from that, the menu was rich. In the beginning, the maitre let us check out a dish with 3 raw fish of good size, that looked very fresh. One of them was chosen by the couple sitting at the table next to us. They seemed to be enjoying it.

Among appetizers, I picked out the wild greens (€7,50). Bitter and tasty, as they should be. The mushrooms with garlic, parsley and oliveoil (€6,50), had taste but weren’t unforgettable. The mussels (12pcs €14) smelled like sea, but a sea like the Saronic Gulf. The French fries (€4,50) were soft and “colourless”, while the grilled sardines (€10,00) were also not crunchy. The taramasalata (€6,00) was way over the usual but would run for the gold. The fava with caper and onion (€3,50), was trying to “say” something, but we didn’t hear what.

Besides food, I have to admit that service was exemplary. The truth is that “Thalatta” didn’t take me to island and summers. But its proposal for the Athenian standards is more than satisfying. Don’t forget that the fasting of Saracosti is up and “Thalatta” can take you at least to Easter.
Address: Vitonos 5, Gazi, Athens

Reservations : 210-3464204
Open: 20:00-01:30


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