Melina Cafe In Plaka Honours Melina Mercouri

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  • Monday, 16 February 2015
Melina Cafe In Plaka Honours Melina Mercouri
22, Lysiou Street in Plaka, in the historic Athens Center, has its own special history. Way before it was established in people's conscience, the Cafe-Bar-Restaurant "Melina" was initially used for other purposes, as you can see in the rare photo-gallery provided. So, through time, the PLaka visitors enjoyed bakery products in 22, Lysiou street. That bakery evolved to a pastry shop and before it was named as "Cafe of Melina", it was operating as a cafe-bar. We welcome you to the 21st century, in that so warm and valueable gift of the Athenaen Plaka - the Melina Cafe. Melina Cafe was initially named "Cafe of Melina" in 1994, to place the honours to the last Greek Godess, Melina Mercouri, which had just passed away but her high temperament was engraved in many hearts. Cafe Melina, with this strong sense of the dynamic Greek Godess, offers moments of morning serenity, a lunch in the afternoon and a drink at night, with the help of the multipurpose space, its warm personel and its magnificent coffee.

Quality music, in harmony with the fine aesthetically space, is combined with the classic european culture, the jazz magic and the art folk music. This is the reason that Melina Cafe is a hangout with devoted customers.

The atmosphere is dominated by Melina's aura and is an inspiration for historical backgrounds, nostalgia moments and passion for life. The Plaka area was always an area for conversations of any subject and it is an area for coffee.

A woman with so much love to her audience, inspired millions of people, simple, passionate for life. Andreas Martzaklis was inspired from this Greek Muse, having ascented to business with effort. initially as a waiter at the parliament's cafe, with the intervention of Mr. Andreas Papandreou, he worked as a maitre at the Prime Minister's Hall. His position allowed him to meed the Minister of Culture Melina Mercouri, whose dynamism, views and visionary personality revealed instantly to the today Melina Cafe's owner, through the conversations they had.

Elena Ntouchanika, classical music professor, was also inspired by the artistic sensitivity of Melina and added with her artistic point of view as a guiding line the touches that made Melina Cafe keep Melina Mercouri a living legend. She tends for the decoration and the music choices.

The philosophy and their goal is to keep the cafe untouched, without drastic changes, always keeping the spirit of the Plaka style of the Old Athens. Having this in mind, their vision is to keep the people's interest about a Greek woman who offered so much to her country.

In Melina cafe, you can find many books that intrigue the visitor to learn more about the legendary Melina, as well as a guestbook to write down their comments and views, unifying thus the past, present and future by just leaving their personal mark.

22, Lysiou Street, Plaka
Tel.: 210 32 46 501


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