Klima-Klima Wine Bar And Restaurant

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 16 February 2015
Klima-Klima Wine Bar And Restaurant

Rhythmic, modern, innovative, the new wine-bar restaurant in Melissia is evolving into a popular hangout. Wines selected by oenologist Dimitris Chatzinikolaou and creations by Christopher Peskias in the kitchen.

Klima-Klima is not a club but it plays great music, giving the space rhythm and feeling, and the bar and tall tables create a lighter scene than would be expected from a bar-restaurant so dedicated to gastronomy. In the center of the restaurant is the bar, which is full of people drinking wine by the glass, snacking on cheese dishes and deli meats or ordering from the menu. Klima-Klima is a very beautiful shop, with modern and ergonomic furniture and round glass windows overlooking the pine trees of the adjacent square.

Address: Pan. Tsaldari 32-34, Melissia

Tel: 2106096786
Prices: € 24 - 28


By Dimitris Antonopoulos - translated by Eleni Georgiou



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