43 Sarantatrio - A Whole New World

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 21 September 2017
43 Sarantatrio - A Whole New World
Located near the old Fix brewery in Neos Kosmos at 43 Frantzi, 43 Sarantatrio was recommended by a friend of Culinary Backstreets and so they went to see what the restaurant is all about. What they found was a pleasant surprise of, “brightly painted tables and posters that created such a cheerful atmosphere, while the courtyard made us gasp with surprise – it looked more like an island farmhouse than an urban outdoor space.”

“The various design choices, both big and small, made it feel as though we had stepped into a parallel universe: The two tall trees that provide shade in the center, complemented by bushes and even a fig tree leaning over a white-washed wall; the gray wooden chairs with rush seats; the benches covered by rag rugs; and white gravel underfoot.”

“We decided to go for a mix of the unfamiliar and the familiar: The aforementioned Pontic Carrot, a shredded carrot salad that came shaped like a fez and seasoned with coriander and something to give it a touch of heat; the aliada, a garlic dipping sauce made with crushed pistachios (instead of the more traditional mashed potatoes, bread or even walnuts); green fava (puree of green peas); saganaki, fried cheese from Ios topped with two cherry tomatoes preserved in syrup…”

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