Mind The Cup: The Must-Visit Specialty Coffee Shop In Athens

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 08 April 2019
Mind The Cup: The Must-Visit Specialty Coffee Shop In Athens
In one of its very engaging articles, Buzzfeed put together a list of the 25 coffee shops around the world you have to see before you die. Greece has such a strong coffee culture that it comes as no surprise that one of the coffee shops listed is in Athens.
Located on a pedestrian street in Peristeri, Mind the Cup will become your instant favorite. The space is warm and inviting, made with wood and concrete with plenty of natural light.
Mind the Cup serves seasonal speciality coffees roasted in-house; espressos are mostly from Central America, while filter coffees are typically Ethiopian and Colombian single origins.
Apart for its excellent coffee and beautiful interior, Mind the Cup has another great asset; its people! Whatever time of day you visit you’ll be greeted with a smile and the warm-hearted staff will enlighten you in all coffee related matters.
Here is what Buzzfeed has to say about Mind the Cup:

‘Mind the Cup might be based on a pun, but there's nothing funny about how delish its coffee is. The hearts in your latte will win you over, but after spending only five minutes there, you will want to rotate your plans around spending more time in this cute shop, which looks like it's straight out of a film.’

Address: 29 Aimiliou Veaki, 121 34 Peristeri
Telephone: 210 5776010
Photo Credit: Mind the Cup